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My name is Johanna Sieben and have been living in Berlin for more than six years now, born and raised in Germany. In the last couple of years I have realized more and more how complicated German bureaucracy is (even being fluent in German!) and how hard it can be for foreigners to arrive here in Germany and try to get through the jungle of paperwork and offices.

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Having friends here in Berlin from all over the world, I’ve been with them on their appointments and helping them to get Visas, “Anmeldung”, rental contracts and all the other things for many years now, so I became extremely experienced with the maze of German bureaucracy. One day, a friend said to me “Johanna, I’ve never seen anyone more talented with bureaucracy than you” and other friends agreed. A weird and strange thing to hear, but, well, i decided, no matter how weird they are, to make the best of my talents, and here I am.

I myself have been living in three different countries besides Germany in the last few years and had to go through the same struggles, as many people coming to Berlin, have to go through, although I realized that in Germany it seems to be exceptionally complicated, thanks to our beloved bureaucracy.

I wanna offer my services to make all the processes for newly arrived expats (or expats, who have been here for a while of course) smooth, easy and simple. I am fluent in German as well as in English, which makes communication and mediation easy. Besides I do have lots of experience with bureaucracy and I can tell you exactly which papers are needed for which visa or appointment at the different offices, so that they can be prepared beforehand.

Looking forward meeting you and being part of your story!

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Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG
Johanna Sieben
Factory Görlitzer Park 
Lohmühlenstr. 65

12435 Berlin
E-Mail: johannasieben@co-germany.de