Book a Slot!

Hello There!

Happy to see you here! If you are looking to get a consultation for the freelance or artist visa, you’re at the right place. We have helped over 300 people get their freelance and artist visas before.

If you are looking for a different type of service, please email us ( or via our contact form We’ll get back to you shortly with an individual offer.

Right now, we are both out of office, but you can easily go ahead and book yourself a slot in our calendar, so we can meet right when we are back! We’re looking forward to meet you!

Who can book a slot?

All types of artists, designers, musicians, dancers, illustrators, actors, etc. 

All types of freelancers, developers, consultants, translators, language teachers, business owners.

What will happen during the meeting?

We will sit with you and discuss all the paperwork, that is needed for a successful application. Letters of intent, finances, CV, everything that matters. Of course, we will also fill in all the forms together with you and, if needed, book the appointment together. 

How much will it cost?

Usually, we need only one, max. 2 consultation meetings per client for the paperwork. Of course, we can also accompany you to the foreigners office meeting. 

Our rates:

Consultation meeting: 60€ (+19%VAT, 71,40€ total)

Foreigners Office: 80€ (+19%VAT, 95,20€ total)

What do you need to bring to the meeting? Do I need to prepare anything?

If you already have some papers prepared, please bring them along. However, this is not a requirement and we’ll happily be with you throughout the process from step one. You can come fully unprepared 🙂 

How can I book a slot?

If you follow this (Johanna) or this (Julia) link, they will take you directly to our calendars and you can book a meeting. The meeting can take place in person or via Skype, whatever you prefer! 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Johanna & Julia