Business Consultancy for Freelancers

New in business and need help getting started?

I am there for you and together, we will get your business off the ground.

Services include:

  • Consultation on official types of company formation in Germany (GmbH, UG, KG, etc.)
  • Bureaucracy tasks (such as business registration, registering a freelance tax number etc.)
  • Consultation on necessary bureaucratic steps (where and how to register what)
  • Review of existing business and finance plans
  • Assistance with writing business and finance plans
  • Assistance in the process of getting funded by the Jobcenter

Of course, you can contact me with a very specific request such as “I am a photographer and I am renting a studio now, please help me with the registration”.

But also, if you have a more or less rough idea for a new business, and you want to have some advice, if that concept will work for the german market or if it’s financially possible, please get in touch.

We will work out questions such as:

  • Is it legally ok in Germany to offer service xy without a professional permit?
  • What is required to open a café?
  • I have a budget of xy€, will that be enough for my plan?
  • I am considering freelancing, what are the rough costs of health insurance, taxes, etc. and how can I calculate my prices accordingly?
  • What are the costs of registering business xy?