Bureaucracy Assistance and Translation Service

You are in Berlin and you don’t speak German that well or you just got absolutely confused by the system of bureaucracy here? You need an interpreter for a meeting or an event? I’m here to help you 🙂


How can I help you? How have I assisted others before?

  • Interpreting at all kinds of meetings (consecutive and simultaneous interpretation): I do interpretation at conferences, notary meetings, all kinds of bureaucracy appointments, landlord meetings and much more.
  • Visa preparation and assistance (incl. accompanying my clients to the foreigners office). Read more about about the Employment Visa, the Freelance Visa and the Artist Visa. For all other visa types (Blue Card, Working Holiday, Language Course, Family Reunion), just get in touch. Some more readings in the Blog.
  • Jobcenter and Arbeitslosengeld: You need to file an application either at the Jobcenter or the Arbeitsamt, because you recently got unemployed? I’ll go with you to the meetings and fill in all the 200 pages of paperwork with you and help you get the unemployment benefits. I will also tell you, if you are eligible.
  • Freelance Tax Number: Filling in the form and handing it over to the tax office of your district.
  • Rental Contracts: I have reviewed the rental contracts of my clients, so that they could be sure, to not sign any scam contract and that they are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Bürgeramt: Registration or anything else, which is needed there, I’ll be with you. If you are very busy, you don’t even need to be there as well.
  • Conversion of Driving License
  • Child registration / Paternal Recognition: The German law requires, that you have an interpreter with you, who is not a family member of either parent.
  • Interpreter at Weddings: That is just lovely, I absolutely love these jobs, so get in touch, all of you, who get married!
  • Companies and their new employees: I am working a lot with companies or StartUps hiring people from abroad to work with them. I take over the whole visa process and will be with the new employee throughout the process.
  • Moving/relocation assistance: I arrange meetings with movers, set up electricity and internet contracts for you and take over all the annoying bits of your move.


This is an overview about the services I offer. If you need assistance in any other way, let me know and I will tell you, if I can help you with that.