“Working with Johanna was an excellent decision and a very positive experience! In the end, she persisted with me through some frustrating bureaucratic mishaps (which were not our fault), provided expert advice throughout, accompanied me to multiple meetings at the foreigner’s office and ultimately helped me walk out with my visa in hand. I certainly could not have done it without her. Her understanding of the rules, german+english fluency, as well as her read on the ever changing nuances of the processes are incredibly valuable. Thanks so much Johanna! “

Jordan, Consultant and Designer, USA

“Johanna is really my all time helper for all the weird situations the German bureaucracy has to offer. I am in the specific case of being a freelance photographer, working on several different projects at a time.

Because I didn’t have many jobs right after my arrival in Berlin, I first had to get some additional help of the Jobcenter. Seriously, nobody there speaks English and the process is so complicated, even most Germans, who had to go through this, find it really hard. Johanna came with me to the Jobcenter and maneuvered through the papers and different offices, so it all didn’t seem that hard anymore.

Then, I needed health insurance. Which one to pick, how to fill in the paperwork and which paper do I need when? Johannas knowledge proved to be superuseful in my case and shortly after I had my health insurance and didnt’t fall into the trap of private insurance or something.

And my things go on with her and surely will go on for longer: I am right now in the process of founding a Non-Profit Organisation and of course, Johanna could tell me immediately, what is the name of such a thing in German and where to register this. So, I guess, very soon, we’ll meet again! Thanks!”

Zack, Photographer, Egypt/Romania

“Johanna Sieben helped me with all the paperwork and deep German bureaucracy at the Ausländerbehörde, not only by helping me with the translation there, but also during the visa application phase. She continued her support whilst my job search. Working with her has been really pleasant.”

Kemal, Student, Turkey

“Johanna accompanied me to the Ausländerbehörde after my initial attempt at a visa extension had been turned down. She was a wonderful, calming influence during very stressful circumstances for me and was able to field any questions I didn’t properly understand. She also has an excellent understanding of the nuances of German bureaucracy.

I’ve recommended Johanna to my friends and can only recommend her to you. I’ll definitely be having her along for my next visa extension.”

Mark, Musician, New Zealand


“THAT WAS AMAZING after one section on paperwork, we scheduled an appointment at the foreigners office and before i knew what going on, I had an 2 years Artist Visa in my hand… (!!) Johanna is amazing. When she went over my papers it was clear that she has a picture of how things should be for the Artist Visa process will be the most efficient, precise and easy to everyone. Johanna showed me examples of how a CV should look like and how a Visa Application should look, and with her help we made my poor looking CV and Application be a formal document for an Visa Application in Germany. 

Two weeks after we met at the foreigners office. Johana did everything, she delivered my papers to the right place and was talking with the receptionists like they are old friends (Maybe they are..?), Not an hour after that, even not 30 minutes, we were out of the office, with an 2 Years Artist Visa in hand. Johanna made my first step in Berlin to be meaningful and one that I’ll always remember. of course I’ll recommend her service again to all who need it. I know I will :)”

Or , Israel, Musician


“Johanna really helped my girlfriend and I out of a tricky situation regarding a confusing (German) correspondence from the finanzamt (lack of German + lack of knowledge of German bureaucracy do not = ease of registering for a Steuernummer!). I posted online and she not only replied to my message within several minutes, but even rang the Finanzamt on our behalf and informed us what we needed to do. A prompt response and a really nice person too. Would recommend her to anyone needing help with these kind of things. Thanks again Johanna :)”

Ian, Ireland


“Hello everyone, My name is Arion, currently I am a teacher living in Berlin. Yet, this was not always the case. I used to work for a university in Morocco, and quit to come back here. Moving here with limited working knowledge of the language and bureaucracy was a nightmare to deal with. Can’t get a work permit without a job offer, and can’t get a job offer without a work permit, Catch 22 type situation. It was so difficult that I came really close to giving up and leaving. Honestly if it was not for Johanna I would have never been able to get my work permit. She helped me with navigating the endless corridors of bureaucracy, represented me when it came to translations and interpreting. In the end I was able to get a work permit and within a month I had a job. I highly recommend Johanna, she is very caring and takes her work very seriously.”

Arion, Teacher, USA


“Thanks to Johanna’s assistance, my maternity payments, which through German bureaucracy involving multiple agencies had become a huge tangled mess, was smoothly sorted out. She wrote a kick-arse letter and followed up by accompanying me to a meeting. Because the whole mess had been going on for so long, I felt quite emotional and frustrated by the process. Johanna was cool, calm, jumped into the conversation with rapid-fire comments and they responded very positively to her professional manner. A week later I received a letter in the post from the Amt stating that everything had been arranged satisfactorily (exactly how I wanted it). Such a relief! Thank you Johanna for you no fuss, efficient and professional services.”

Monique, Australia


“I applied for my German visa extension at a time when I was not guaranteed to be successful due to some foolish mistakes I had made. Johanna played a key role in helping me complete the process without any issues. She did a great job of helping me prepare for my appointment at the Ausländerbehörde with sound advice and expert knowledge of the system and her presence at the actual appointment ensured that it passed without any problems. In fact, after several such meetings over the last few years, this was easily the least difficult I have experienced.”

Zac, Freelancer, Australia


“The visa application process is quite complex initially and the worry that I was missing something obvious began to really stress me out months before the appointment was even scheduled. After meeting with Johanna, I felt ready and organized.

Johanna discusses everything thoroughly and was happy to answer all 5000 of my questions with patience and understanding. All of my paperwork suddenly made sense and I knew exactly what to request from my employer.

Put simply, working with Johanna has turned something I was dreading into a straightforward appointment for which I feel prepared and confident.”

Teg, Australia


“The super friendly and efficient service provided by Johanna at C/O Germany during our recent Berlin apartment move was first rate. She dealt with all of the utility companies on our behalf and registered us at our new address, along with liaising with removal firms. We also asked her to do a couple of more unusual tasks, and where she didn’t know the answer immediately, she was straight on the case carrying out research quickly to find out the answers we needed. I would absolutely recommend Johanna without hesitation”.

Lorraine, UK


“Hey Johanna, Thanks so much again for your help yesterday. I couldn’t have found a better consultant and translator 🙂 I’m so happy with the outcome and I’ll definitely recommend you to everyone that needs help and reach out to you in the future if I need anything.”

Elizabeth, Musician, USA