Which Visa is right for me?

If you have an idea about what you wanna do in Germany, but you aren’t sure, which visa is right for you, this list will help you. Click on the name of each visa to read more about them (missing ones will follow soon).

And as usual: If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask me directly via Email Johannasieben@co-germany.de or in the comment section of this article.


  1. Married to a German or EU citizen – Definitely get the Spouse Visa
  2. Got an offer for employment – This is a Employment Visa case
  3. Want to freelance – Freelance Visa
  4. Wanna work as a freelance artist – In Berlin, there is the option for the Artist Visa
  5. Having a job offer + a university degree + a salary more than 39.800€ – The Blue Card might be right for you
  6. You want to stay up to one year and learn German – The Language Study Visa is for you
  7. Admitted to a German university – Of course, Study Visa
  8. Preparing to study at a German university – Up to 2 years of Study Preparation Visa is possible
  9. You have a university degree, but no job or freelance offers yet – you can get up to six months of Jobseeker Visa
  10. Au pair and Internship


This is the overview about the most common visas for Germany.

Please note, that it is only possible to apply for any of those visas from within Germany, if you are from one of the following countries:

Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, United States, Korea

If you are from any other country than those six, you must apply from your country of origin and also slightly different regulations (the regulations of the German embassy of your homecountry) may apply.


In case of doubt of questions – get in touch 🙂