Blue Card – Blaue Karte

This article is meant to give an overview about the Blue Card EU. This residence permit is available for highly qualified people and/or people with high salaries and is meant to make their entry to the German job market easier.

If you have a question about the Blue Card, which isn’t answered here: Get in touch with me.

What is a Blue Card?

A Blue Card is a residence permit, which is available for people with high salaries and/or for jobs, where are not enough eligible workers in Germany. If the requirements are fulfilled, there is a legal right to get the Blue Card. Furthermore, the road towards permanent residency is significantly easier and shorter than with any other residence permit.

Who is eligible for a Blue Card?

If you have a university degree and a job offer, you might be eligible. The minimum salary is 53.000€/year or 43.056€ / year (as of 2020) for shortage occupations (Especially programmers, engineers, mathematicians, medical doctors, IT specialists)

How can I apply for a Blue Card?

If you are from New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Israel, United States or Australia, you can apply from within Germany.

If you are from any other country, you need to apply for a work permit in your country of origin, enter Germany and then apply for the Blue Card from within Germany.

What is the difference between a Blue Card and a normal work permit?

If you meet the requirements, you have a legal right for getting the permit. Secondly, the Blue Card is a shortcut towards permanent residency (21 or 33 months).

How can I find out, if my degree is recognized in Germany?

Check out the database Anabin – in this database you find all recognized degrees. Unfortunately it operates only in German. Get in touch, if you need the research to be done.

Do I need to know German?

No, for the initial issuance of the Blue Card, you do not need to know German. However, if you want to apply for permanent residency after 21 months, you need to have B1 proficiency by then.

Can my husband/wife/children join me?


When can I apply for permanent residency?

After 33 months regularly and after 21 months, if you have B1 knowledge of German.