Visa for Software Developers

Visa for Programmers and Software Developers in Germany

If you are a software developer and planning to move to Germany, this is the right place for you. In Germany, especially in Berlin, there is a strong regional need for software developers and engineers. This means, that under certain circumstances, you will have an easier time and lighter regulations to obtain a visa.Get in touch with me and we will discuss the details.

An overview about the different scenarios:

Software Engineer with a job offer, but no university degree:

You are unfortunately not eligible for a Blue Card. But, the chances are very good, that you can get the normal work visa. Confirm with your employer, that your salary meets the average salary of your position in the city you live in. Your application will be sent to the Federal Employment Agency and very likely be approved. Read more about the employment visa here.

Software engineer with a job offer, a university degree and a salary higher than 43.056€ (2020):

Yay, you are eligible for a Blue Card. Please have a look at the Foreigners Office website

Software Engineer with a university degree, but a salary lower than the one mentioned above:

Negotiate the salary with your employer. This is too low for Berlin/Germany standards and the application would very likely be denied because of the low salary.

Freelance Software Engineer/Developer:

Generally, the same rules apply as with the Freelance Visa