Employment Visa

For which jobs can one get a work permit in Germany, who can apply and what job does it have to be?

The answer to all of those questions: It depends.

This article will bring light to the question of a work visa in Germany and try to navigate through all the different situations in the process of applying for a work permit / employment visa one could be in.

Important Note 1: If you have not studied in Germany and/or if you are not from Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Korea or the US, then you must always apply at the embassy in your country of origin.

Important Note 2: If your yearly salary is beyond 39.624€ and you have a university degree, please inform yourself about the possibility of getting a Blue Card or get in touch with me directly.

Important Note 3: If you have not had another work permit before and are not married to someone with any type of residence permit or a EU citizen, there is no such thing as a general work visa.

I see, that lots of companies require future employees to already have a work visa, but not so many people actually do possess that. However, it is not complicated at all for companies to assist their future applicants in the process. All the company formally has to do, is to give out a work contract and to fill in one additional paper (the “description of the job” form) and wait for around a week or two for the decision of the federal employment agency. I see lots of jobs falling through, because companies assume, that the process is extremely complicated and long for them. It absolutely doesn’t have to be and I do provide service directly to companies, to make their hiring experience of a foreigner not more complicated as the one of a local.

Work Permit Scenarios:

I have a university degree from Germany and now found a job, related to my studies: Congratulations, please check the paperwork section of this article and go ahead and go to the foreigners office. No matter what your country of origin is.

I have no university degree from Germany, but from elsewhere and now found a job related to my studies:  Also quite good, however, in your case the foreigners office will send your application to the federal employment agency to confirm two facts: Is there any qualified EU citizen, who would be able to take that job? If so, then their right to take that job is stronger than yours. Is your salary at the average salary for that position in the region you (will) live in? If not, the application will be denied.

I have no university degree, but found a job in Germany: Basically the same as in the above case applies to you. The employer must prove, that you are the only qualified person, they could find to fill that position and legitimately explain that to the foreigners office.

I am a doctor/a lawyer or have any other profession, where special regulations apply: Please get informed, which regulations apply, how you can get your degree recognized. You can contact me for assistance.

Paperwork for the Employment Visa / Work Permit required by the Foreigners Office Berlin:

  • as usual: book an appointment with the foreigners office as soon as you know, you’ll need to go there, on the Foreigners Office website
  • Biometric picture
  • Employment Contract
  • Visa Application form
  • Work Permit Application form
  • Description of the Job form filled in by the employer
  • If required: Occupation practice permit
  • Lease or proof of home ownership, that states the monthly rental costs
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of main residence (“Anmeldung”)

Please always have a look at the official page of the foreigners office Berlin here as well.