English Speaking Services

Hey dear Expats!

I keep on being asked for all types of English speaking services here in Berlin. Of course, coming with my work, tax consultants and lawyers are the tops on my list, but also of course doctors, dentists, cleaners, moving companies and many many more services are needed in the daily life. And, too be honest, having someone who speaks good English just makes things easier than trying to deal with things in German (even if the German is reasonably good), especially when it comes to tricky situations like broken teeth or ugly things like this.

So there it is, a non-comprehensive list of English speaking services in Berlin. But, one important thing: For this list, I need all of you! I don’t want to just google around for the people I mention here, but I’d much rather have personal recommendations. Please drop me a line or comment on this page if you have someone you want to recommend! I’d very much appreciate that!

By the way, just to mention that: I do not work for any of them and/or get commission for mentioning their services on my page. I work completely independently and all the recommendations here are all based on personal experience of me or/and my clients.

Tax Consultants


Insurance Brokers




Moving Service

  • Amadeus Umzüge – www.amadeus-umzuege.de – (Website does not offer English unfortunately, but you can use the callback service and ask for an English speaker)

Therapists / Counselling / Psychological services