My rates depend a lot on the type of service and the workload it includes. If you want to get a rough idea about my pricing, here is a non-comprehensive list of my rates. Please get in touch with me, let me know what you need, and I’ll give you the final rate.

Consultation/Paperwork meeting (around an hour, no extra charge if extended up to 30 min): 60€ 

Foreigners Office Appointment: 80€

Tax number Application: 60€ 

Registration: 70€

Conversion of Driver’s License: 60€

Rental Contract Review: 50€

Jobcenter / Employment Agency Registration: 90-150€

– and so on, and so forth –

The meeting is a consultation meeting and does not constitute or replace legal advice. If you need legal advice please refer to a lawyer.

(all prices are excl. 19% VAT)